“We at Padda health believe in ideas.”

Padda health is a VALUE CREATOR

Padda health is a VALUE CREATOR VENTURE CAPITAL that invests in innovative start-ups and SMEs in the healthcare area, sustaining them with a value generating skills network, through Padda Innovation Town.

Our investment philosophy

We are a private equity partner with a family office structure. We select tech-driven start-ups at a world level, through a «smart» investment process.

Pre-approval stage

Padda health receives the deliverables (BP, pitch desk, etc).
Preliminary evaluation prior to further steps (approval stage).

Approval stage

In-depth study of deliverables and dedicated meetings for defining an investment roadmap, and developing the project via a shared growth strategy.

Investment stage

Funding in a short time and access to Padda Innovation Town.

Padda health team

Padda health possesses a vision of open innovation on a global scale, while featuring the relationships usually connected with a family office. Padda health moves quickly, creating and providing value, turning start-ups into great game changers through something worth much more than money, i.e. human capital.
Padda health is a start-up enabler that, by making use of a network of professionals in the fields of marketing, HR, procurement, legal and finance, aims to support the key areas during all the development stages of the start-ups.

We would be pleased to meet you!

Would you like to get in touch with us? If you are a start-upper, a journalist, a professional or an investor/venture capitalist in the healthcare field and you have any questions, you can write to us and we will answer as soon as possible. Padda health can rely on a strong network, involving both start-ups and skills. All this can be achieved through the most important kind of capital, i.e. human capital.
Get in touch with us, let us get to know each other!