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Monitor health and wellbeing by combining sound with AI in a fast, convenient and scalable way!


Better caregiving for patients and a greater degree of peace of mind for medical personnel.


SynDiag is an AI-based software solution that can be integrated with the majority of the ultrasound machines used in fighting ovarian cancer.


SurgiQ uses artificial intelligence to help private and public healthcare facilities improve their operational efficiency and ensure effective care for an ever-increasing number of patients.


The company is a University of Bologna spin-off, active in the development, production and sales of Celector® – a chromatograph for cells.


A unique set of mini-lenses for smartphones, allowing its users to observe the micro world in detail.

Patch Ai

Patch AI is a virtual assistant for patients, to transform clinical research activities by virtue of both the centrality of patients and advanced digital technologies.


Nocira is an innovative medical device for the treatment of migraines through a modulated model based on air puffs and aimed at stimulating sensory neurons.


Medics is a company redefining the standard of pre-op planning through a custom-made approach.


IDECO is the leading company in Italy concerning the distribution of consumables for the medical sector, such as sterilization products, materials for operating rooms and medical devices.


Clinica virtuale per la diagnosi e il trattamento di condizioni ginecologiche come vulvodinia, endometriosi e vaginismo. Ridefiniamo gli standard di cura per i corpi femminili in modo personalizzato ed efficiente, mettendo al centro la paziente.


JuliaOmix™ is a precision medical solution based on AI to diagnose and treat rare genetic deiseases in less than 24 hours.


DianaX operates in the mobile diagnostics field. The company offers "pocket" solutions that are also sustaiable, accurate and reliable, delocalized where there is a real need for them, the "POINT OF NEED” - any time, anywhere, for all.

Cloud Pathology Group

Technology improves the quality of diagnosis by using the practice of Digital Pathology within the operations of both public and private health facilities.

Clear Box Ai Solutions

Clear Box is an explainable AI platform allowing users to converse with Artificial Intelligence in order to understand decisions.

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